Clinical telemedicine solutions for reducing hospital readmissions at skilled nursing facilities

Up to 78% of hospitalizations among SNF residents could be prevented with well-targeted interventions. Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations (PAH) for skilled nursing facility residents are costly, expose patients to health risks, and exact a toll on patients and families. Many readmissions occur when there is no physician or nurse practitioner readily available, or when an immediate response is to send a patient to the ED.

Your success is our success …

  • NexteliMed delivers end-to-end comprehensive telemedicine program design and administration for Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • We provide dedicated support before, during, and after implementation to ensure success at all stages of our engagement
  • Program benefits include preferred provider status, enhanced quality of care, hospital readmission avoidance

Studies conclude that:

  • 20% of hospital readmission occur within 30 days of discharge.
  • A substantial proportion of readmission occur within the first two days of discharge
  • Two thirds of readmissions are Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations
  • Hospitals seek long-term care providers with targeted intervention programs in place

We are dedicated to helping you fulfill your goals in the following areas

☑ FINANCIAL: Fewer unnecessary readmissions mean mitigating loss of patient “bed days,” which increase SNF revenue, immediately.

☑ TRACKING PROGRAM SUCCESS: By tracking Key Performance Metrics and reporting monthly we enable SNFs to track goals that guide continual improvement

☑ ENHANCED QUALITY OF CARE: Eliminating unnecessary admissions help patients avoid the stress and trauma of transportation, hospitalization and the risk of additional illness.

☑ CREATING DIFFERENTIATION IN THE MARKETPLACE: Tangibly demonstrate your SNF’s commitment to achieving best-in-class clinical outcomes.

☑ IMPROVING FAMILY INTERACTION/ENGAGEMENT: Patients and families rest easy knowing that bedside consult is always available.

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